Suzanne wanted to spruce up her backyard and make more space for her one year old. She had provided a lovely sketch of what she wanted. Normally, we provide the sketch but welcome customer sketches as well.

They called us to see how we could help. On our first meeting, we agreed on the areas to be extended and other small areas that the couple wanted completed or extended.

After agreeing on the plan, which slightly changed from the sketch, we brought the lead landscaper to review and plan the process.

 We removed the top layer of lawn and dug down 6 inches. Aggregate was then added and compacted, followed by sand. The area was now ready to lay red pavers as requested.

The next step was to add decking. Suzanne chose woodgrain composite decking from Cladco.

She also decided to replace one wall with woodgrain composite cladding. Which is a great way to reduce future costs of using wood shiplap for example and looks great.

Lastly, here are some pictures of the garden once decorated and being enjoyed.